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CASPER conducts fundamental research in astrophysics, early universe cosmology, space physics, superstring / M theory, complex (dusty) plasma physics, hypervelocity impact (shock) physics and laser hypervelocity impact simulation physics.

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  • Perry, Jonathan; Kimery, Jesse; Matthews, Lorin; Hyde, Truell (New Journal of Physcis, )
    The coagulation of dust aggregates is an important process in many physical systems such as the Earth’s upper atmosphere, comet tails and protoplanetary discs. Numerical models which study the aggregation in these systems ...
  • Qiao, Ke; Kong, Jie; Zhang, Zhuanhao; Matthews, Lorin; Hyde, Truell (IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science, )
    The normal modes for horizontal dust particle pairs in a complex plasma are investigated using two methods, a numerical calculation and a molecular dynamics simulation. The ion wakefield downstream of each particle and the ...
  • Kong, Jie; Qiao, Ke; Carmona-Reyes, Jorge; Douglass, Angela; Zhang, Zhuanhao; Matthews, Lorin; Hyde, Truell (IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science, )
    In this experiment, falling particle trajectories within and without a glass box placed on the lower electrode in a Gaseous Electronics Conference reference cell are recorded and analyzed, and the electrostatic forces ...
  • Land, Victor; Douglass, Angela; Qiao, Ke; Zhang, Zhuanhao; Matthews, Lorin; Hyde, Truell W. (IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science, )
    The sheath region is probed in different complex plasma experiments using dust particles in addition to the measurement of the optical emission originating from the plasma. The local maximum in the optical emission coincides ...
  • Dropmann, Michael; Herdrich, Georg; Laufer, Rene; Puckert, Dominik; Fulge, Hannes; Fasoulas, Stefanos; Schmoke, Jimmy; Cook, Mike; Hyde, Truell W. (IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science, )
    As part of the partnership between the Center for Astrophysics, Space Physics and Engineering Research (CASPER) at Baylor University and the Institute of Space Systems (IRS) at the University of Stuttgart, a new design for ...

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