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  • Perry, Jonathan; Kimery, Jesse; Matthews, Lorin; Hyde, Truell (New Journal of Physcis, )
    The coagulation of dust aggregates is an important process in many physical systems such as the Earth’s upper atmosphere, comet tails and protoplanetary discs. Numerical models which study the aggregation in these systems ...
  • Qiao, Ke; Kong, Jie; Zhang, Zhuanhao; Matthews, Lorin; Hyde, Truell (IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science, )
    The normal modes for horizontal dust particle pairs in a complex plasma are investigated using two methods, a numerical calculation and a molecular dynamics simulation. The ion wakefield downstream of each particle and the ...
  • Ma, Qianyu; Matthews, Lorin; Land, Victor; Hyde, Truell (Astrophysical Journal, )
    The charging of dust grains in astrophysical environments has been investigated with the assumption that these grains are homogeneous spheres. However, there is evidence which suggests that many grains in astrophysical ...
  • Matthews, Lorin; Land, Victor; Ma, Qianyu; Perry, Jonathan; Hyde, Truell (AIP Conference Proceedings, )
    The charge on an aggregate immersed in a plasma environment distributes itself over the aggregate’s surface; this can be approximated theoretically by assuming a multipole distribution. The dipole-dipole (or higher order) ...
  • Land, Victor; Douglass, Angela; Qiao, Ke; Matthews, Lorin; Hyd, Truell (AIP Conference Proceedings, )
    Using a fluid model, the plasma densities, electron temperature and ion Mach number in front of a powered electrode in different plasma discharges is computed. The dust charge is computed using OML theory for Maxwellian ...

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